YBN Nahmir – F**k It Up ft. City Girls & Tyga MP3


YBN Nahmir – F**k It Up ft. City Girls & Tyga MP3


Look, when in doubt, it never hurts to deliver a summer anthem. Such was indeed the formula picked by YBN Nahmir, who has been lying relatively low in recent months, despite a breakneck run back in 2017. Perhaps spurred on by the ongoing feud between City Boyz and City Girlz, Nahmir decided to usher in a tenuous peace between both parties with “Fu*k It Up.” Simple in its message, the recent single centers around the singular purpose of turning up, which means Nahmir has drafted the perfect supporting cast for the job.

Once again, the immortal presence of Juvenile is imbued within the Hitmaka instrumental; while this covers similar lyrical ground as “Back That Azz Up,” the song opts to sample his 400 Degreez title track. At this point, Tyga has cemented himself as a veritable lord of summer, seemingly fueled by sunlight and the presence of a woman’s bare buttocks in his vicinity. Much like his namesake, Tyga is consistently on the prowl, his one-track mind making him the life of damn near every party. Do you think this one is enough to catapult Nahmir onto the charts? “Fu*k It Up” is out now in selected markets, with a full release hitting at midnight.



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