Download: Vector ft El Rigo – 1 On 1s (Rap Dialogue)

Vector ft El Rigo – 1 On 1s (Rap Dialogue) MP3.

Vector ft El Rigo – 1 On 1s (Rap Dialogue) :This dialogue is a movement/ school of thought; “The New Africa” TNA. The state of mind of vector with this debut single project with UMG Nigeria, is to address how an average African should think, positive and bright, which is the missing link to that unified Africa we all want.

We are talking intellectually informed, creatively encourage etc. education is the basic tutor to strengthen the minds of every African individual, to enlighten: {“educate ourselves”} them with the western orientation and tools, coming from the African background to build and empower Africa as a continent and not to condemn the power of “research & knowledge”.

HOT: Vector – This One Is Mad

Vector will release four (4) song cover freestyles, sharing his state of mind on each track. X4 DIALOGUES. Featuring a DJ Academics; El rigo. The course is to also champion the people to embrace RAP “education” to encourage the spirit, culture and not condemn it, as it plays a vital role in information.


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