Download: Kanye West – Idk (Demo)

Kanye West – Idk (Demo) MP3.

Kanye West – Idk (Demo) :A new “Kanye West” single has surfaced, though the sudden nature of its arrival has the masses scratching their heads. As of now, “idk (Demo)” can be accessed on Apple Music through Yeezy’s official page, though his involvement in the song remains unknown as of now.

It’s entirely possible that “idk” was destined for Yandhi, and the demo factor is merely Kanye’s way of further breaking down standard album rollout practices. After all, uploading “demos” to his official streaming pages would be some “Ye sh*t” of the highest order, especially given the wave he’s on now. Yet something about “IDK” feels more puzzling than usual.

For one, Kanye doesn’t appear to be on the single at all. He may very well have had a hand in the production process, and perhaps the vocals we’re hearing are ultimately meant for him. If that is indeed the case, however, why is Yeezy going forward with the upload process? Could it all have been a jumped gun, or is something more deliberate at play?

In any case, sound off with your theories below.


DOWNLOAD Kanye West – Idk (Demo) MP3

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