ALBUM: NF – The Search

ALBUM: NF – The Search

American rapper, Nathan John Feuerstein, known professionally as NF, is expected to drop his album called “The Search” which has since been on a wait list tomorrow, but we have it all here for you.

The Search is the brand new album from Michigan’s NF, his fourth full length album following the huge success of 2017’s certified platinum Perception.

Produced by Tommee Profitt, the 20-tracks album features hip-hop, pop and cinematic elements, of which are evident in tracks such as “When I Grow Up,” “Why,” “The Search,” and “Time“, and a guest appearance from Sasha Sloan on “Only”.



1. The Search
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Change
4. My Stress
5. Nate
6. Time (Extended)
7. Returns
8. When I Grow Up
9. Only (feat. Sasha Sloan)
10. Let Me Go
11. -Interlude-
12. Hate Myself
13. I Miss The Days
14. No Excuses
15. Like This
16. Options
17. WHY
18. Thinking
19. Trauma
20. Time

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